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About Us


ESG Supplies will provide Furniture, Cleaning, Sanitary, Medical and Wellness supplies through our manufacture and distribution network. The company will focus on marketing, responsiveness, quality, and creating and retaining customer relations.

ESG Supplies was initially formed as a Limited Liability Corporation in July of 2015. ESG Supplies will be a home base company operating out of Valley Stream New York, that will maintain a satellite office in Garden City New York.

The Market

The nature of the supply industry, with its extraordinary rate of distributors and customers, creates a constant need for business. ESG Supplies has decided to focus on small business areas and districts to where continence and fair market pricing make a difference to their customers and the overall bottom-line customer.

ESG Supplies is a MWBE certified company focused on the supply and distribution of Cleaning, Sanitary Supplies, Furniture, Medical and Wellness Supplies. We manufacture and distribute thousands of products with solutions to keep you focused on your business which leads to a better customer experience. Our goal is to leverage relationships with  manufacturers and major distributors while streamline processes and reduce costs so you can work on what is most important while Improving  client experience and customer service.

What sets ESG Supplies apart from the competition?

➢  Our Exceptional Management Teams

➢ Performance-Based Processes

➢  Integrated Solutions Teams

➢ Client Relationship